Muhammad, terror & war booty

According to our sharia manual on page 847 above, Muhammad 1) had been made triumphant through dread and 2) war booty has been made lawful for him.

The terms dread and war booty are further clarified below.

1) The first point was also confirmed by the most authoritative hadith, ie the hadith of Bukhari, see below pictures number 2 and 3 from left, from Hadith Bukhari Book IV.

Here Bukhari quoted the prophet as saying, ‘I have been made victorious … with terror …’

2) The second point (booty has been made lawful to the prophet of Islam) is also included in Hadith Bukhari. See his quotations in screenshots number 4 & 5 above, from Bukhari I-IV (picture 6) and complete screenshot of Bukhari IV page 628 (pictures 7).

The prophet is quoted as saying, ‘Booty has been made legal for me.’

More hadith on booty can be found here :

Book #7, Hadith #331 as found in islamwatch‘s link above, even said that Booty has been made Halal (lawful) for the prophet, even casting terror in the hearts of the enemies, yet it was not lawful for anyone else before him.  It should at least be heartening to hear the acknowledgement from the prophet himself that no prophet before him ever tried to cast terror in the heart of their enemies or tried to steal/raid/rob somebody else’s property.

See also picture 8 of a bookcover entitled ”Islam and the Malay World” by Peter Riddell, and picture 9 of text in that book on page 61 quoting the prophet saying ”… plunder has been made lawful for me and it was not made lawful for anyone before me.”

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