Unattractive Women

f20.0 p214 The Eclipse Prayer

(O:Eclipse refers to both that of the moon and sun.)

f20.1 The eclipse prayer is a confirmed sunna (def:c4.1) (O:and missing it is not permissible, but rather offensive)

f20.3 It is recommended for women without attractive figures to attend (O:in their household clothes, that is, women advanced in years and the like. As for women who have attractive figures, it is desirable for them to oerform it in their homes (dis:f12.4)

f21.0 p216 The Drought Prayer

f21.2 When the land is parched or the water supply is cut off or diminished, the imam (A:ie the caliph) or his representative) warns people against wrongdoing and orders them to repent for their sins, give charity, settle their differences with enemies … Then, on the fourth day while still fasting, they come out to an empty expanse int heir work clothes, acccompanied by those of women who do not have attractive figures (dis:f12:4), livestock, man and women advaced in years …

Non-Muslim subjects of the Islamic state who attend are not hindered from doing so, but may not mix with us.

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