What do the Moderates say & what does scripture say?

I could not find the hadith quoted above the picture of Fr Jacques Hamel’s picture in the Arabic original of Musnad Imam Ahmad ‬ (ie ”Do not Kill the monks in monasteries, and do not kill those sitting in places of worship”), nor was I able to find out how it is judged by Muslim scholars. What I did find are many authentic hadiths PERMITTING THE SLAUGHTER OF ‪‎MONKS‬ & civilians who refuse to 1)surrender, 2) convert or 3)pay the Jizya. Another hadith that says “Do not kill an old man, a woman, or a monk…” is often quoted by Muslim Apologists‬ in the West too, but all scholars consider it “weak” or inauthentic. The actual teaching appears in this Reliance of the Traveller: The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, p. 602. This is the bit concerning the treatment of monks.


  1. JIHAD

      2. ‘Priests & monks who were spared (from jihadists) were the ones who denied Christ’s divinity, His humanity, and His Crucifixion: Manichaeans, Nestorians, and Arians. These were spared because they had a direct link with Islam, and all four of these cults were specifically focused on the destruction of the Catholic Church.” This tradition has gone on throughout their history.’

3. ‘They recorded themselves doing a sermon at the altar in Arabic. It was an Islamic sacrificial offering to Allah. Such a sacrificial system is part of Islam itself based on the story of Jaad bin Durham when Al-Kasri slaughtered him in the mosque on the Sacrifical Day/Eid ul-Adha of 119AH. This set the precedent that using a human being is permissible in Islam. This is supported by the top most forceful Islamic theologians like Al-Shafi’, Ibin Tayymiya, Bukhari, Dhahabi, Ibin Al-Qiyam, Darami and Ibn Katheer.’

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