The SHIITE’s Sharia

As you may know, Shia Islam is lacking in comparison to Sunni Islam. Sunnis have more followers, Sunnis have more published literature, and are more influential. Shia have barely any works of Tafsir on the Qur’an, Hadeeth books, Islamic law books etc. in general, not to mention in English… Until I found a website that has those resources.

Shia Hadeeth

Shia Tafsir

Shia Islamic law

This is an invaluable collection to English speakers who don’t know much about Shia Islam, as well as Arabic speakers who don’t care to spend 150.00$ on one collection of books.

Here is an excerpt from Kitab al-jihad:

“[س من يجاهد من] الكفار على ضربين:

1 – ضرب يقاتلون إلى أن يسلموا أو يقتلوا أو يقبلوا الجزية.

وهم ثلاث فرق: اليهود، والنصارى، والمجوس.

2 – والآخر لا يقبل منهم الجزية، ويقاتلون حتى يسلموا أو يقتلوا: وهم كل من عدا الثلاث الفرق المذكورين.

[The ones against whom one does jihad from] the kuffar are of two types:

1 – The type that are fought against until they accept Islam, or until they are killed, or until they accept the jizya.

And they are three groups: the Jews, the Christians, and the Zoroastrians.

2 – The others from whom the jizya is not accepted. They are fought until they accept Islam or until they are killed. And they are everyone apart from the three mentioned groups.”


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